Monday, May 13, 2019

👄🗩Fashion Life: Behind-the-Scenes {TFC Etsy Store}

😀Hey Ya'll! Hope you had an awesome weekend!  I have a busy week, but no's finals week😐😅.  

📦I'm sharing work that will be featured on TFC, very soon.  I don't have the time to make clothes for everyone, but I can make fashions for any chick.  The designs at TFC's Etsy store are based on woman trinkets...styles for most moments.💎

💻From the beginning, That Fashion Chick has been about the fashion life of art, design and business.  

I love to feature independent designers and/or artist that have a unique appeal.  Business talk has always been a popular topic on TFC.  The ins and outs of operating in the fashion world {corporate or independent}is a part of fashion talk. 

Growing That Fashion Chick 
I'm an independent artist with ideas, so it's important for me to live in my art.

💎Check it out:

A few more things, then the GRAND OPEN.  
💻This is just the beginning process.  Next, I have to create my promotional art.  Its a new direction at TFC!👄🗩

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