Friday, July 20, 2018

👋Fashion Life...the update!

School is giving me exactly what I asked for, an innovative direction for my📋 business plan. It’s a new day at TFC and I’m excited to share an update…FINALLY {I know}!!

💆Midterms were a couple days ago. *Drum-roll please* Fashion History 82% and Fashion Debates A-.💪😀 Woooo whooo!! *doin my dance*💃

I’m in love with fashion all over again. The information is abundant and so intriguing. 📚 I’m learning the beautiful design ascetics and innovations of designers like Vionnet, Poiret, Lelong, Chanel, Molyneux, Schiaparelli…so many! And the art, oh the art is beautifuuuul!!🎨

TFC represents the times of the 1920’s-1940s {my favorite decades}, in which I planned but gosh its closer than I knew. For instance, my doll show, 🎭That Style Mood Show.  In the 1940’s after WWII, top couture designers created a traveling show called Theatre de la Mode, to reestablish Paris as a fashion sector.  Because of the war, rations on production took place which diminished the popularity, at that time. Now look at Paris…top fashion contender.  See, we wear clothes but don’t always know the story behind the making.  There’s so much amazing art and culture mingling, I’m soaking it all up.

S/o to my daughter Talia. 🎉🎈HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL 🎈🎉😙😘!!! Her Cool Utopia will have a special update later.

Back to work, talk to ya’ll soon!
~Lakia 💜

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