Sunday, May 6, 2018

๐ŸŒžFashion Trends for Summer 2018

Summer is officially June 21, 2018 
Let me give you a heads up on the trends we are digging!

Thinking of the 80's... big hair, bright colors,  
eye~popping print and neon makeup come to mind.  
๐Ÿ‘€Surprise, The 80's are back!  We can recreate some 
of the biggest trends of that time, now. 
Bring out the acid wash denim, almost oversized 
everything when it comes to style aesthetic. 
Personal style looks include: Sporty, Punk Rock, Gothic,  
Preppy and Hip hop.

Photo by Dom Hill on Unsplash

Brighten your day with a ๐ŸŽจpopping color palette
Try orange with with blue...and have fun with prints
Bright colors are summer's staple. Give your look a cool 2018 twist.

Waist belts are a great go to accessory. 
It will define your waistline and add a certain chic appeal
Have fun with different sizes and styles.

I love fanny packs! The belt bag upgrades 
this popular classic. Some styles are worn across 
the body, as well as hip-to-waist. 
You can Chic it up or sport it out!

Photo by Ethan Haddox on Unsplash

Transparency can be great, especially with style!  
Try this trend with accessories, stylish outerwear and
 as an embellishment.  Wear a solid under-layer if 
you need too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

The side-opposite to bright colors, are pastels
Wear this trend with a vibe of serenity.  
Pastels work best with dainty and girly styles


Try upping your style appeal with  
Vintage florals. This trend gives off a  
rustic feel, and is popular on flowing fabrics.

 We are stamping this trend!  
The simplest detail can create an overall look.   
Details should drop hints of you. 
Speak that fashion language and allow 
your personal style to shine.


๐Ÿ‘‰TFC has a new board featuring these cool trends.  
There's something for every chick's style!  
Go to TFC's Pinterest: 

Photos: © Creative Commons Zero (CC0),  Unsplash


KDM said...

Awesome post! I recently found my bag of belts and was't sure if they were still in style to wear. I am also ready to put some of those colors together that you posted. Yippee Cool!

Lakia Fashae said...

Thank you!! Yeah, wear those belts with style and have fun with color!

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