Thursday, April 19, 2018

That Style Mood Show: Dope Girl Fresh {Classic #TBT}

I made the display via- backdrop: Floor: DE 022B Creations Fantastic Turntables: Google, Boombox:
Style Mood Chick: Ms. Jazzy {her first show HERE}
Style Mood: Dope Girl Fresh
Location: Retro 1980's Hip Hop
Inspiration: Iconic Hip Hop Group Salt-N-Pepa {Featuring  Spinderella}
The look for Ms. Jazzy comes from the group's 1988 album; specifically the "Push It" video.  Fashion Innovator, Dapper Dan is the creative behind this look.

Dapper Dan made-Salt-N-Pepa album cover in 1988, featuring Dapper Dan creations. photo:; Salt-N-Pepa

I'm an 80's baby🙋💖. This  group inspired my generation so much! They are included as innovators of that Dope Girl under layer to most chick's style; especially Tomboys. This look, still includes chic appeal.


Ms. Jazzy's style details are coming.
You will love it! I made EVERY item {hat, jacket, jumpsuit, dookie chain, and boots}. Editing 🎥now, so it wont be long. Stay Tuned!😉

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