Friday, April 13, 2018

🌹Sew: Soft Blazer {Roses Spring Collection}

Hey Ya'll! 😜 Can you tell I'm excited...and I just cant hide it?! lol

I've been working on my 🌹Roses Spring Collection; getting lost in work.  It's cool because new ideas are coming to me and a whole new platform of TFC is in the works.
I'm making must see TV via fashion life....ooook?!

It's all about to make complete sense.  This is my best stuff, yet!

The soft blazer is so cute. Here, I'm putting pieces in place, before sewing. Stay tuned!😎 


On another note: I JUST saw that Polyvore is no more! Awww sad to see you go. Polyvore was my style go-to app. So, heads up: the look of the day and style post are done on that level. But no worries, I will flip it in a new post layout! Thank you for everything Polyvore and best wishes!

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Captain said...

Great, Waiting to see the finished product...👍🏽👏🏽

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