Tuesday, January 23, 2018

💬Fashion Talk: Beauty💄💅

Photo: dreamstime.com/ (c)Jckca

I love learning new things and taking on new challenges. The beauty department {hair, makeup and nails} is my new challenge!

Up to now, it's been natural hair styles 💇using my flat iron or wand {hair clip-in's, at times}...basic makeup {foundation, powder, eyebrows, mascara and lip gloss👝}...and doing my own nails. Okay, sooo I'm a little cheap lol. 

NOW, I'm totally open to a new beauty adventure!

The formula behind TFC is personal style. What better way to show you, than to be my own muse. Before sharing my first new findings...in which, I purchased new beauty product and did up my face at least 5 times...once more won't hurt; eyeshadow and lashes are doozies.💆

Stay Tuned!📹

So far, this is my personal makeup stash...#affordableinvestment💲


My personal nails station

This will be interesting and fun!😏

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