Friday, June 9, 2017

💥The Future of Fashion: Personal Style

Hey Ya'll!!:)
After taking a break from TFC, I’m not going to lie – it became very overwhelming with the new-found attention and certain people’s response to me {being myself}. Now that I’m back from break, the direction of TFC is focusing on the mission statement.

Based upon my research and being a vital fashion insider, it’s a great time to introduce a new platform of fashion where ladies, young and mature, can discover more insight about their personal style. It’s still a balancing act with my personal life, though I’m always open to a great challenge. It’s been a winning one!👊💜

👉Here is a great start: my new YouTube channel Fashae Finesse by TFC {because style IS a finesse} is designated to be informative to personal style. The next video is the baby doll shirt, in which finishing touches are still being done. It's going to be a range of things {videos will be shared randomly}! 

My original channel, with all the fashion shows and events is still good…this is just a different turn on how I can further share my fashion perspective. 

For those who wonder why I want to keep low numbers and be exclusive, I hope this clears that up...YOU KNOW how a chick can get! 😁lol

Have a great day,


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