Saturday, January 31, 2015

Feature: Pamela Costantini THORN COLLECTION {women shoes}

These shoes are soo strut worthy!

Pamela Constantini is a footwear designer who has worked in the industry for 5 years now {after attending the European Institute of Design}. Last year, 2014 is the year she launched her own {namesake} brand.  Constantini has worked for top luxury brands including: Greame Armour, Roberto Cavalli and Sophia Kokosalaki. She has partnered with the best of the best factories in Tuscany to producer her designs.

The Pamela Constantini footwear brand is big on capturing the tradition of handcrafted Italian footwear, as well as being greatly focused on comfort and performance. Quality is key.

A mix of masculine and feminine... where details of mens shoes are mixed with feminine and sensual shapes, all inspired by 90's, by the grunge, by Helmut Newton photography. The colors are dark like black and bordeaux and bronze and the material are the best quality of a classic calf and a iridescent persico fish leather.

The styles:

The Mule, The Pump and The Boot named like the major singer of 80/90's Blondie, Courtney and Robin.

You can further support the Pamela Constantini brand HERE via Wowcracy {platform for designer support}. 

Its fashion life is looking bright!

Pamela Costantini

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