Monday, June 2, 2014

Studio L. Fashae': Casual Dress/Top & High Waist Pants {That Fashion Chick}

Hope you had a great was sew-time in Studio L. Fashae' for me! I have to come up with some great RTW samples for  this shoot and stuff coming up a little later. Can't wait to share the full scoop!

Here are just two pieces that I got out the way:

Casual Dress/Top

This is something fun and easy. If I want, I can add a chain belt and style it like a 2-piece set. Some kind of embellishment will be added.


High Waist Pants

These pants fit so good, I'm so proud of myself. I ran out of the checkered fabric, but these turned out great. Some more needs to be added, like stylish buttons.

                                     L. Fashae'

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