Thursday, February 27, 2014

**NEW** That Fashion Chick has MENSWEAR....Lakia Fashae' is a J.Hilburn Partner!!!

Good news fellas...I said I was coming for you so I'm HERE or should I say J. Hillburn is HERE!

J. Hilburn Logo
I have some exciting news! I started my own business selling J.Hilburn luxury menswear.
J.Hilburn is revolutionizing the way men shop.
We don't sell through traditional retail stores. I sell directly to you! By cutting out the middle man (shopping malls!) I can offer personalized and ready-to-wear clothing at unbelievable prices.

Our garments are made with fabrics from the most well respected mills in the world, and are crafted using the same standards demanded by top designers. J.Hilburn clothes will fit you better then anything you can find in a store because they're created just for you!

We offer custom shirts, personalized suits and sportcoats, made-to-measure trousers, and formal wear, as well as a complete collection of ready-to-wear clothing such as sweaters, polo shirts, t-shirts, outerwear, AG Jeans, and accessories.

Contact Me:
I'd love to meet with you and show you our selection of products and high-end fabrics. Schedule an appointment! I look forward to helping you dress confidently for every occasion-without breaking the bank. This is premium service!

Thank you to my sponsor Nicole Gittens-Ashby for thinking this would be a perfect fit for me...she's so right!! =D

Style means nothing unless it is personal!

Lakia Fashae' Nichols J. HILBURN Partner/Personal Stylist

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