Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It's a Collaboration!!: Kanye West + A.P.C {complete collection for men}

It came and went…that quick! Remember I told you Kanye West’s latest fashion endeavor is a collaboration collection with French brand A.P.C? Well, it debuted July 14th online via A.P.C’s website which CRASHED shortly after! #Kanyeeffect
No worries tho, you can pre-order the next delivery of Kanye’s A.P.C collection here.
They have a plain white t-shirt for $120yeap that pretty much sets the tone for the collection. Other pieces include: a short sleeve hoodie {$250}, a Trippy Symphony t-shirt made with street wear brand Been Trill {$140}, long sleeve hoodie {$280}, and jeans {$265}.
This collection did have some difficulties via Fashionista:
Jean Touitou { himself has commented on the difficulty of working with West. “When you deal with a guy who wants to redesign just about anything so it could fit [into the] kingdom of dopeness, it takes some time to just sit and say, ‘Okay, agreed, but let’s get start on something limited, and we’ll see,’” he told Style.com. “I just love the guy, so whatever,” he added. “He could want a piece to be baggy and skinny at the same time… [but] oh well, you just find a way.”

Check out the collection below!

I Likey! =D

Fashionista, Kanye West + A.P.C

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