Thursday, March 7, 2013

Chanel Fall 2013 RTW + Watch This!!

Karl Lagerfeld is a designer who's work I always look forward to and learn from. He is a real fashion genius.

This latest collection {Chanel Fall 2013 RTW} is just HOT-T-T {stank face}! There is not a piece or look I don't like. Exaggerated sleeves and stylishly different silhouettes are huge focal points on runways these days, but Chanel is still in her own world. Which is exactly what was on the runway...a huge larger than world globe with Chanel models walking around it.  LOVED IT!

The hats, fingerless gloves, slick-chic boots, and delicate details where all just amazing. This collection has a nice flow and quite the variety...plenty of options!

No more words, check out this dope collection by Chanel below!

Chanel Fall 2013 RTW

Watch This!!

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