Thursday, February 14, 2013

President Obama at NYFW???

President Barack Obama made a uniquely special appearance at New York Fashion Week this a part of Vivienne Tam's Fall '13 collection.
Tam {Chinese-American designer} presented a line inspired by hope and change {the famous words from both Obama campaigns} with several pieces of the collection featuring sharp Pop-art-esque prints of the POTUS. Tam even took her bow in a dress displaying a rasterized image of President Obama’s likeness; However, this collection was not intended to make a political statement.

“It just came to me, this hope and humor,” Tam explained. “It wasn’t about politics, I just wanted a new dialogue. I wanted to dress a woman with heart, who cares about what’s happening in the world, not just about fashion.”  

Check out the Obama designs below

This one is my fave!!!

Designer Vivienne Tam

Looks like the POTUS maybe giving the FLOTUS a little competition in the fashion world.

 I like this collection, the images were done very tastefully and are certainly thought provoking conversations starters...and isn't that what true fashion is all about???  

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