Friday, February 15, 2013

It's a Collaboration: Eva Mendes + New York & Co.

Greg Scott, chief executive officer of New York & Co, told the trade, “When we asked our customers to name the celebrity they aspired to be, [Eva’s] name came up again and again. Based on that, we went out and pursued her. It was a very long courtship.”

 Eva Mendes {actress} photo:

Who: Eva Mendes  {actress} + New York & Co.
What: its collaboration...^^^ they are launching a clothing line and {sub-brand} accessories line called Eva by Eva Mendes.  This collaboration consists of dresses and accessories {Day-to-dinner, cocktail and evening apparel that fits the New York & Co. philosophy}.
When: not yet announced
Where: Eva by Eva Mendes will be delivered 4 times a year to New York & Co. stores.
Price: a little pricier than the New York & Co. brand but still affordable...10 – 15% higher for special fabrics.
Also,  Eva Mendes will be an ambassador of the brand {ads, events and interact with customers}.  This is a very good look for New York & Co and the fashion conscious Eva Mendes.  We will keep you posted!

“In this day and age where everybody has a stylist, I appreciate the kind of woman who steps out of the box,” she said of her own style and what she hopes to accomplish with the line. “I love feeling like an individual. I want to share all these little tips with women.”-Eva Mendes


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