Monday, January 21, 2013

Is Ugg Austaralia going down under??

I remember my days in retail {oh how I miss the sales floor}…Uggs were a pretty hot commodity during fall/winter seasons. Now it seems that Uggs have lost their momentum and popularity has taken a dive.  It doesn’t help that most men think these are the fugliest boots to be on a chicks feet, but hey we dig ‘em. The Ugg Australia brand is in the process of taking a new approach on gaining back our loyalty as valued customers.
Ugg will be building a more stand-alone stores, not only selling the classic Ugg boots, but their other products that I’m sure you will take a liking to if you have not already.  They also make handbags, winter apparel, fashion boots and sportswear.  We may be seeing stores as soon as next year. Hopefully Uggs will see a great turn around.

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Photo: Ugg Australia FB Page
Refinery 29

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