Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Consumer Alert!!: Beware of misleading labels

photo: Heart and Pen
Here’s an interesting story for all you retail consumers out there. The Federal Trade Commission is not too happy with Macy’s, Amazon, Sears or Leon Max.  Basically, {according to WWD} the FTC gave out fines to all of the parties above in the ballpark of over $1 million combined for allegedly mislabeling “eco-friendly bamboo textiles” without mentioning that part about rayon being included. 

“When attempting to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers, companies need to ensure they don’t cross the line into misleading labeling and advertising,” said Charles Harwood, acting director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. “If a textile is made of rayon, sellers need to say that, even if bamboo was used somewhere along the line in the production process.”
They all have violated the Textile Products Identification Act AND on top of that they ignored all the warning letters.  So there you have it…fined! Let this be a lesson to other retailers and clothing brands, put the right ingredients on your labels please.=D


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