Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Coach is broadening their horizions {clothing line}

We are big fans of re-branding.  It really can’t hurt a company…well unless the new direction is just all wrong. Hopefully Coach can hit this one out the park!

photo: Coach FB Page

  Coach, an affordable luxury {handbag and accessory} brand, is in the process of broadening  their horizons…with a clothing line and more lifestyle products. This is GREAT news for Coach Lovers!  
   via Fashionista:
“The reality is that the marketplace has shifted,” chairman and chief executive officer Lew Frankfort told WWD. “We’re responding transformationally to take advantage of the opportunity. It’s not as if we’re static.”
Coach already has great price points, so let’s hope this all goes very well.  THEN Michael Kors {love him dearly} and Tory Burch are going to have new competition, being that they are the top lifestyle brands...according to WWD.
 “Instead of designing accessories to fill a need, we’re thinking more about the woman, who she is, where she goes, what is her life like and how does it feel, to move Coach from…where you think of a Coach bag, to now when you think of Coach, you will think of a woman or a man and you think of their lifestyle,” Reed Krakoff, the brand’s president and executive creative director, said. It’s not about the “it-bag” anymore.


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