Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fragrances we are loving {Blumarine + Balenciaga}

I’ve got some more perfumes I’ve been checking out aside from my fave at the moment,  Roberto Cavalli.  You know a perfume/cologne kind of sets the tone of your look.  Think of it as a scented soundtrack lol {probably makes no sense, but you get it}.
I’m following Fashion Bomb Daily’s guest writer, Angela Simmons' {Fashion Chick} post, which are awesome.  Angela shared her favorite perfume she’s been using for the past two years,  Tom Ford’s Black Orchid. It is a great post, and I left her a comment! {read Angela’s post here}
Thanks again to my friend Mark {perfume manager and Nordstrom @Perimeter Mall} for looking out. He recommend me these great samples that are popular at Nordy.

Balenciaga Paris 'Florabotanica' Eau de Parfum
$95.00 - $125.00

 I really love the presentation of the bottle, and the packaging definitely draws you in.  It’s classy and edgy, which brings me to the smell.  When I smell Florabotanica by Balenciaga, it puts me in the mind of a powerful woman who is in charge{my imagination}.  It’s a strong but womanly scent.  This would be a scent I would wear for special occasions like an event.  The scent is a great representation of the Balenciaga Chick.
Blumarine 'Innamorata' Eau de Parfum (Nordstrom Exclusive)
$70.00 - $95.00

This scent is soooo NICE and very womanly! The packaging is classy and luxe looking.  The smell is soft and inviting.  From the summary of the description, it’s a love potion {my words}. Hint, hint Chicks! I would use Innamorata by Blumarine as an everyday scent.  This one just may be my next scent.


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