Monday, August 27, 2012

Get The Scoop: THAT FASHION CHICK Boutique

Hello That Fashion Chick lovers,

Lakia Fashae' here!  If you are apart of our social media family, like Facebook and Twitter, you know I have a special announcement today.  But, if you are not, then what are you waiting for?!  Like Us and Follow Us for the latest news for TFC! Thank you for all your support.  We are growing quite nicely as a company.  I am actually going to post a special video, a little more formal, explaining some things to you.

Now for the awesome news....THAT FASHION CHICK Boutique will be open for business, TOMORROW on my special day AUGUST 28 {my Birthday}!!!!!!!!!  I want to give myself a special present, which is the launch, kinda saying hard work is paying off.  The best gift in return would be you supporting TFCB of course!=D

I have soooo much in store, but we will be sharing little by little.;)  I appreciate you following me on my journey to become a GREAT name with in the Fashion Industry.  I just want to continue doing my thing and living my dreams. Your full support for TFCB is now a key factor to our success.  I have no doubt you will be very please at what we have to present to you!

You can expect MORE of me and my intern Janeese! I want to share my personal styling tips and ideas on how to really get the best look out of these fashionably, unique accessories.  Check out TFCB's sneak peek below and watch out for the video...more details to come! Thanks Again.

L. Fashae'

Earrings not included...not a good look overall

There is a little something for everyone...I love unique pieces!  If you are not sure on styling, TRUST me I got you. You can not loose with these pieces.  They are sure to start a conversation. This is just the beginning!:D


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