Tuesday, June 12, 2012

That Fashion Chick or That Ain't It?! {Rita Ora}

We are changing the 'Do you Likey??' post to 'That Fashion Chick or That Ain't It?!'.  This is a way for us to dive a little deeper in celebrities' styles and ad some dialog behind it on our new Facebook Fan Page {which you should 'LIKE' right now!}

Newcomer, pop artist Rita Ora seems like a real kool chick to hang with.  She has definitely been getting to it, with photo ops.  You can check her out on Twitter to get the full scoop on the rising star!
I like all of the pieces individually, but do we like them all together?? Remember..

 That Fashion Chick Characteristics
  • exudes confidence
  • has personal style
  • balance & flow or {proportion}

That Fashion Chick or That Ain't It?!


*TRUST* NO celeb is excluded!  Look at the pictures, then come and discuss on our Page together! =D

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