Monday, March 5, 2012

Digging the Style: M.I.A {Watch This!!}


I know this video has been out for a minute, well a little over a month, but let me tell you, it's Grrrreat!

I love when people have their own style, stick to it and wear it well.  Recording Artist M.I.A does just that.  I think she is an awesome standout artist naturally.  Her style is definitely here own.  You can tell by her music she is a bit of a rebel, which I love!  I have a bit of a rebel style myself, taking major risk with my own personal style.  M.I.A goes for what she likes while still incorporating popular trends.

There is a specific scene in her video 'Bad Girls', where she is leaning on a car driving on two wheels...filing her nails!..she's a rebel chick for real lol.  That was a hot scene.  I like her prints and the different  accessories she used in the video as well.  It was like a blank canvas shooting in the middle of nowhere surrounded by dirt.  The guys in the video were in their cultural attire being real kool! 

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