Monday, March 26, 2012

American Idol is getting a clothing line!??!

photo: Kohl's

Have you head about this, American Idol is getting a clothing line!??!  Wowzers that sure came from left field.  I came across this interesting information via The Cut. The article they have on its pretty short, so I went ahead and posted it here. 

Check it out below:

The show will debut the apparel in partnership with Kohl's come April. Called Authentic Icon (AI), we're surprised the concept only took eleven seasons to hit stores ... but the announcement comes just weeks after Tommy Hilfiger joined the show as "image adviser." Coincidence? We'll have to check the shirts for tiny red, white, and blue logos.

Okay, who is going to wear American Idol's clothing line?? I need to see a look book then I will make my review.  Until then, it's things that make you go...hmmmmmm. lol


David Hudson said...

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Lakia Fashae said...

Thank you David I greatly appreciate that!=D

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