Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sneak Peak: Isabel Marant wedge sneakers

Here is a sneak peak of the latest Isabel Marant wedge sneakers

I am a sneakerholic...I love designer sneakers! 

According to nylonmag.com:

This week, Topshop's US stores - including the nationally available topshop.com - gets a load of wedge sneakers.  They come with rubber soles, velcro tabs, and a good three inches of height.  They cost $150 - not cheap, but definitely not French Designer territory.  And if you want to pick up the trend before Marc by Marc turns it into a frenzy, this is your best bet.

These wedge sneakers are a fusion between my two favorite types of shoes, sneakers and wedges.  I love sneaks because they are comfy and just so easy to do.  I like wedges because wedges are more tolerable than full on heels after wearing for a while.  Wedges also give off another statement to your overall look.
Clearly these are going to set a new trend for the season, so I will be keeping my eye out for other brands to kind of come up with their own version and for a more affordable price!;)

Here is another style of sneaker by Isabel Marant


Isabel Marant Perkins suede and leather wedge sneakers

Was $660   Now $396
I know these heels come with a kind of steep price tag.  I'm sure you can find some deals, there are always deals! 
I actually found a pretty cool pair on sale at tobi.com!

Fur Trim Wedge Sneaker $60 $42

They have a lot of sizes and they arrived yesterday, so hurry!


suan zhang said...

To many of us, a pair of isabel marant boots may have a magical effect that produces us feel like we could conquer the world.

Unknown said...

The white isabel marant bayley wedge sneakers is my favorite shoes. I've got it last week. :)

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