Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Photo shoot: Lakia Fashae'


Okay, so this is a part of the business...smh.  I am not a fan of these photos I have taken.  Not that they are horrible, but the overall presentation has to be right.  You win some and you lose some {photo shoots} lol. If I like the newly edited pictures I will share, until then I am still working on my other projects.  I have exciting news to share soon! #nomorejumpingthegun =D

You can't see but I have a natural lip color that popped and highlights of pastel purple under my eyes (purple is my signature color)  It was way after the shoot but still nice pic!:D

OK so this is me Friday at 4am after my photo shoot, which was AWESOME...I rocked it!!  I can't disclose too much info about the photos right now, but a few of the shots are below. I really can't wait to show you the finished looks!

I had to make them incognito a bit before I "unveil" like this is some big event lol. 

I just wanted to share one of the things I been working on and I have more too share. That's why my posting has been running slow, and my helper has been working on projects as well. I like to wait until I have something to show before I start making announcements.

I made 2 pieces below and styled all of the looks! Silly me left my jewelry at home but I was able to pull it off.  Check it out

I even used my OWN hair this time!  (this will not be a regular thing lol)  I love those lashes by M.A.C.

You saw this top worn a differnt way but YEP I DESIGNED &MADE it!

This is the light-weight blazer I've tweeted about and DESIGNED & MADE!

Lakia Fashae'

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