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๐Ÿ“™A Guide to Your Personal Style Fellas #thatfashionchick

 These are your most go-to styles, fellas
There are plenty of similarities, but TFC will show you why each is different. 
We're just getting started...Fellas strut too!

Style: Classic
Vibe: Tailored, timeless, sharp
Key Pieces:
  • Tailored suit (navy, charcoal)

  • Crisp white dress shirt

  • Leather oxfords or loafers

  • Minimalist tie (optional)

  • Cashmere sweater

Definition: Timeless and sophisticated, the classic style prioritizes quality tailoring, clean lines, and neutral palettes. It conveys an air of confidence, professionalism, and understated elegance.

Style: Preppy
Vibe: Clean-cut, polished, collegiate
Key Pieces:
  • Polo shirt (pastel colors, stripes)

  • Chino pants (khaki, navy)

  • Boat shoes or loafers

  • Button-down oxford shirt (gingham prints)

  • Classic blazer

Definition: Inspired by American Ivy League aesthetics, preppy style emphasizes clean lines, polished looks, and brand recognition. Pastel colors, chinos, and blazers are staples, resulting in a youthful yet put-together vibe.

Style: Street

Edgy, urban, individualistic
Key Pieces:
  • Graphic tees

  • Denim jeans (skinny, ripped)

  • Sneakers (high-tops, Jordans)

  • Baseball cap (worn backwards)

  • Bomber jacket or hoodie

Definition: Edgy and urban, street style prioritizes comfort and individual expression. It often incorporates bold graphic tees, sneakers, and streetwear brands, reflecting a youthful and fashion-forward vibe.

Style: Fashionisto (metrosexual)
Vibe: Groomed, modern, fashion-conscious
Key Pieces:
  • Slim-fit trousers

  • Designer dress shirt

  • Leather jacket or blazer

  • Designer watch

  • Sleek haircut

Definition: The metrosexual style caters to the modern man who prioritizes a well-groomed and fashion-conscious appearance. It features well-fitting, contemporary clothing with a focus on designer labels and statement pieces.

Style: Rugged

Vibe: Manly, outdoorsy, utilitarian
Key Pieces:
  • Flannel shirt

  • Work boots

  • Denim jeans (dark wash)

  • Leather belt

  • Carhartt jacket or field jacket

Definition: Embracing a masculine and outdoorsy aesthetic, the rugged style prioritizes comfort and functionality. Flannel shirts, work boots, and earth tones create a down-to-earth and practical vibe.

Style: Rocker
Vibe: Rebellious, edgy, statement-making
Key Pieces:
  • Black leather jacket

  • Band t-shirt (vintage or graphic)

  • Ripped jeans or skinny jeans

  • Motorcycle boots or combat boots

  • Long hair or messy bun

Definition: Rebellious and edgy, the rocker style embodies a bold and statement-making attitude. Think black leather jackets, band t-shirts, and ripped jeans, often paired with bold jewelry and accessories.

Style: Playboy
Vibe: Confident, sophisticated, effortlessly stylish
Key Pieces:
  • Silk dress shirt (unbuttoned)

  • Tailored blazer

  • Dress pants (black or dark grey)

  • Dress shoes (loafers or chelsea boots)

  • Aviator sunglasses (optional)

Definition: Exuding an air of confidence and effortless style, the playboy style prioritizes classic pieces with luxurious materials and a sophisticated touch. Tailored suits, silk shirts, and designer accessories create a timeless and subtly alluring vibe.

Style: Hipster
Vibe: Unique, ironic, vintage-inspired
Key Pieces:
  • Flannel shirt (worn open)

  • Skinny jeans (cuffed)

  • Vintage band t-shirt

  • Thick-rimmed glasses

  • Beanie or fedora

Definition: Hipsters embrace a unique and ironic aesthetic, often drawing inspiration from vintage styles. Flannel shirts, skinny jeans (cuffed), and statement glasses are staples, creating a laid-back and unconventional vibe.

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