Saturday, February 24, 2024

👾Living the AI Life! #fashionlife

Everything I thought I was going to do with my show is out the window.  Yaaaa'll EVERTHING is AI NOW!!!!

Whew😅 preserving time is cool but we bout that AI Life! #dope

Sooooo, I'm getting back active on my gaming and things like that. Forget the characters I was drumming up 🤔

Now that the market is in a new dimension...out with the old thought, in with the new thunder! Ya feel me?!👩🏾‍🎨

TFC logo chick is the only element that still makes sense within the scheme of things.

A test flow is on my Twitch to figure things further{its rusty but its there lol😁}. Dopeness is the perfection!

Lakia Fashae on Avakin Life

Avakin Contest

Avakin Contest

Avakin Contest

The new world is truly about new creativity...negative talk is blah, blah, blah..NOW!

Art talks...and well you know the rest.🤣🤭

A chick is up learning all this new stuff. O-M-G!!!!🤗😲

TFC's blog is still human I'm balancing both worlds.

👄💭#staytuned 🦄
✨note: I only interact with dopeness

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