Friday, January 12, 2024

📍Upcoming: Fashion Talk with That Fashion Chick

Just when you thought my mouth couldn't get any bigger!😆

Fashion Talk with That Fashion Chick is coming along 
quite nicely. I'm learning new things outside my element {fashion}
There is so much to learn {software and production}...a bit overwhelming, but I got this!

 I'm on my way to be a legendary podcaster 👈 that's what it says when you signup🤭...I'm claiming IT!🤗😎

TFC has a line up of content on drafts, but I assure you 🦄Chics, new post are coming!

Podcasting is very time consuming. 
Right now I'm finishing the sketches and hope to crank out a post, featuring yours truly.

But yeah, how you like the artwork for TFC's Podcast. I made it through AI!👩🏾‍💻

Description: Welcome to TFC's fashionspere! Let's cover the biggest topics in fashion including: fashion advice, fashion news, runway review, fashion police, trends, and so much more! Subscribe to Fashion Talk with That Fashion Chick. We Talk Chic!


Pretty cool huh?! 😍
Have an AWESOME Day 🦄Chicadees!

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