Monday, January 8, 2024

🤓Get The Scoop: How AI is Reshaping the Future of Fashion & Retail {Watch This!!}

Hey🦄 Chicadees! Up for some fashion talk?! Goodt!

AI {Artificial Intelligence} is the next, next! I came across this awesome video explaining the fusion between AI and the Fashion Industry.  

Listed, are the great take~aways to review.

🤓Let's digest... 

In the U.S., the fashion industry was projected to gross about $500 Billion in sales by 2023
According to Zippia, the global fashion industry is valued at $1.7 trillion as of 2023.

Photo: wesley shen-unsplash

AI is not just a tool, it's a collaborator. AI will predict algorithms for fashion's hottest trends.

🤔Who gains from fashion's fusion with technology?
🟠Fashion Brands
🔵Design Educators & Students
🔴E-commerce Platforms

AI is great for inventory management, precisely projecting sales, and losses each season. AI is always in the loop and updated. Top functions include analyzing market trends, competitive pricing, AND weather forecast to adjust prices in real time. That's a cool feature!

🟠Fashion Insiders, specifically Retailers and designers, start utilizing AI tools that will optimize inventory, enhance designs, and formulate pricing strategiesAI acts as a personal design consultant predicting trending styles, fabric availability and upcoming season projections.

🔵Fashion Educator and Students, consider courses that combine fashion & technology.

Consumers, start looking for brands with AI integration. Your shopping experience will feel like you have a personal shopper, including virtual fitting rooms to digitally try items before purchase.

🔴Ecommerce Platform's gateway to shopping is the search functionality. AI not only finds items for you but suggests items you didn't know you wanted!

🟢Investors: with AI, small brands can play in the big league! AI minimizes potential losses due to analyzing commutative data. Data is the new currency. Investing in fashion brands with AI integration is the future and pretty much a sure thing!

🎥Check out this video that includes all the details listed above:

YouTube: The AI Channel

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