Monday, November 27, 2023

👩🏾‍🎤Back to the Basics: Art n' Life! #thatfashionchick #fashionlife

O-M-G how time doesn't fly, at TFC {past, present & future}!😀
It feels like That Fashion Chick is a true essence of art n' life.

Great art is timeless...

Here's the first every banner on TFC, before the logo {I have the first sketch as well😆🖍}!

I made this header via Polyvore and it's just six chicks arranged together, with universal fashion in mind.

TFC 2011

Find fun headers and TFC memorabilia on our Pinterest:

See how an idea grows 🌱 {especially for a black girl}?!
TFC stands on IT!'s mission statement.✋🏾

TFC is a place for fashion lovers to gain inspiration and fashion support in: fashion advice, career guidance, fashion deals, image consulting and more!

That Fashion Chick is a unique company. We pride ourselves on our customized departments that cater to the fashion market. This is what makes us stand out and will keep us thriving. Our direct clients are women. As TFC continues to expand, we'll focus on the 
fashion needs of men and children.

TFC's core demographics are females between the ages of 18~35. She is a woman who enjoys fashion and art; having a sense of expression. She enjoys looking effortless in everything she wears. She likes to stay in the know of what's HOT-T-T! This chick has personal style and knows where to shop. 🦄Chicadees!

👩🏾‍💻More about the agency of TFC, later!


👩🏾‍🎤I feel a video brewing....😆😃

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