Thursday, August 31, 2023

📣The Show Goes on and ooonnn!

🎉🥳My birthday was sooooo AWESOM!😁🤣
I didn't work on Shit!🤭 It's like my birthday put me in an entirely new zone, with so much extra energy to express, artfully....O-M-G!!!🤣

TFC is it's own style club...your special fashion/style agency, if you will.

This is a refreshing change from what you are used to {fashion/style}. TFC specializes in the Nitty Gritty of your personal style...helping to cultivate the best you!

With that being said, 🎥production is happening NOW!

What's on the blog right now??? 👩🏾‍💻✨
🎊 Lakia's Birthday Vlog🥳

....and actually, I'm more concerned about the quality of post vs. quantity

We're about to go full blast going into fall!💥


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