Thursday, August 24, 2023

🎥Barbie FOREVER!!

For those of you who know...I grew up with BARBIE!!!😆🤣
The sad part is, I have yet to see this movie {don't ask me why}...BUT from my research, this is a MUST SEE Movie...and I WILL! *Soon*

Anywho, these videos are great forms of art imitating life, furthermore inspiring the idea of  creating your own world.

For TFC, Barbie represents a sense of life independence 
until reality HITS!

We love and live in reality, tho fantasy can be calming 
ground *you feel me??💡*

These clips are to share the design aesthetic of Barbie Land and reflect on well wanted nostalgia of such brilliant toys we love {Ken & Barbie}. S/N: remember "My Size Barbie?"...I was her for Halloween in the third grade.😍 

To my 💜, the best toy ever created is Barbie...she lives FOREVER!



YouTube: Architectural Digest

You better get IT!....Barbie!!!!!😍✨


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