Tuesday, March 21, 2023

🌻Wear That: TFC's Top 8 Spring Picks!

Each piece is picked to add flare to your already stylish closet! These top picks are considered starter pieces {an outfit/look put together, beginning with an item that sets the tone}Don't worry about pairing these picks together, unless you come across an awesome style~play!

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1. 👡Platform Espadrilles
  • Espadrilles are such a universal shoe, designed in many formats {wedges, platform, flats, different fabrics etc.}. Try a platform version in any design category. This classic rope-sole shoe is always a hit, and usually worn from a casual standpoint.
2. 👖Mesh Flared (or Slit Mesh) Pants
  • What a sexy-Spring pant! You can go with full on mesh within both legs, or the slitted-and-fitted style pictured above. The flare leg really sets the overall look. If you decide both mesh pant legs, pick a style with a fun print and an undershorts layer. A complete see through pant is for the beach. *wink, wink*
3. 🖉Asymmetrical Pencil Skirt
  • Pencil Skirts typically stop at/or right below the knee. With this asymmetrical style, try a hi-low hem in the design. This will lengthen or shorten your skirt, at will. The design should speak through print and asymmetry.
4. 🧵Seamless Fitted Shirt
  • This shirt has versatile abilities! Wear it as a main layer or underlayer. Design doesn't matter as long as it's seamless and fitted. Style as casual or chic!
5. 👗Artful Mini Dress
  • This is your va va voom piece this season. Go for exciting and vigorous designs. Bodacious prints, flexible sleeves and appealing hemlines.
6. 👕Stripped Button Down Shirt
  • Add dazzle to this classic! Pick inviting color palettes, cropped sleeves and extended hems. You'll know IT when you see IT!
7. 👛Short & Sweet Bags
  • The smaller the better. Super stylish bags that hold the essentials!
8. 🧥Deconstructed/Asymmetrical Jackets
  • Go for subtlefunky fresh! Just enough to make a statement. Don't go for perfection, go for design.

💁🏾‍♀️Remember, Your body is your canvas and 
IT!'s beautiful regardless.

All items were picked with your body type in mind. 
We love universal appeal! 



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