Tuesday, December 6, 2022

🖻Wall of Fame: The Story Continues! #tfcrepost

This is one of my favorite post in TFC history {my story}!
📊Timeline of 2013, before emojis😄.


 Keep the good news coming for  That Fashion Chick! I am excited to share this news...you have to check me out below first!!!

You see me?!?!!

I'm on the Alumni Wall of Fame at my almer marta American Intercontinental University {at AIU, Dunwoody campus}!

 S/O to John BreedLove {Career Services Advisor} for putting me up on the wall, looking forward to working with the association. Also S/O to Stephanie Brown {Associate Director of Admissions}; this lovely woman recruited me from high schoolStephanie took me to meet John and the rest is history.

Of course some corrections need to be made, but I'm up there!

AIU is getting things together for the new Alumni Association, which I'm going to be a part of! You know I'm sooo looking forward to that...the opportunities are looking NICE.  I wanted to share the good news. The best is yet to come with this fashion journey=D

L. Fashae



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