Sunday, November 13, 2022

❄TFC's Style Forecast: Fall|Winter 2022 Nitty Gritty Trends

 Hey Chicks! 😃 Here's your style play-by-play for the season.

👉 Remember your body is your canvas!

TFC's Style Forecast pinpoints the best style appeal to
 bring the most  out of your look. Each point is strut worthy!

Main Color Palette

Try pairings of black textures, head-to-toe. Find items that have stitch appeal, balanced décor, and depth-to-design. Add a pungent color, for extra flare.

Pick a color and drag it out! It can be solid, without tone change. Just keep it in the family. Monochrome and print stand out.

Daring Pairs 
Does this match? Wear pieces that have interesting color schemes. A lot of runways express this through patch, and/or print designs.

Now, let's mosey on to the shape of you!


Frump w/ Love
Ladies, you don't have to be slitted and fitted. Try a little oversize! This doesn't mean baggy or boxy...just not that fitted. Layers bring the most out of this silhouette. Keep it snazzy!

Cinch & Extend 
The traditional cinched area is the waist. Still do that! Wear pieces that are fitted and expanded in other regions of the body. Find in sleeves, shoulders, different kinds of overcoats and pants

Body Fit
Let there be tightness! Here's your slitted and fitted chicks. Add a belt or duster jacket, for chic appeal.

Time to add the trinkets!


Transparent Pieces
The runway expressed this trend with hats and sunglasses. Try jewelry if you find some!

Clutch IT!
Wear different size clutch bags; no straps. You will look like a chick on a mission. Hold that bag!

Tighten Up!
Throw on a pair of opaque tights. Wear vibrant colors, and layer with socks as a fun twist!

Less is Expressive
A pair of earrings and no necklace. Small earrings and long necklace(s). Earrings and bracelets, maybe a ring. Get it?

Uniquely Booted
Knee-high and thigh-high boots are your go-to shoes. They can be fitted at the leg or with wiggle room. Let the design be in the toe {i.e., platform} or heel. Metallic, and bold color boots are all over the runways!

More Scarf
Pick a scarf with more length and volume. Get creative!

Now, here are some special areas to shine with your look.... 

Spotlight Pieces

Elongated Jackets and Sweaters
Pick jackets that have hangtime and great fit. They can fall to the floor, or right above the knee. Same for the sweaters; including button up or pullover.

Patchwork {All Forms}
Not just typical squares either. Try different composition of patches on any piece. It's equated to colorblock, but with more depth. This trend is making a splash on the runways!

Layer Upon Layers
Cover yourself to a fault! LOL. Your look will express cohesion, comfort, and style. Overlays and accessories bring the most out of this look.

Decorous Glamour
Add ready-to-wear {RTW} appeal to your formal wear. Pick non-traditionally designed dresses and suits for your next high-class event. From color to layers and unique pairings, anything goes!

To Sleeve or Not to Sleeve
Sleeveless in the cold is on trend! Pick items with artistic sleeve appeal. Try garments with one sleeve, bouffant sleeves, elongated sleeves, or what have you.


And there you have IT! chicks, your style forecast for fall/winter 2022 via TFC.

I told you, I gotchu!👍

You can reference all of these trends via our Pinterest board:
Runway Love: Fall|Winter 2022 RTW {Here}

Do your due diligence and check out the collections of choice, in entirety, for a complete grasp.

My chicks strut-t-t on any season! 😍

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