Saturday, November 19, 2022

👒Fight Like a Lady {poem} #tfcrepost

What's in her Fight?
Does she know her worth...does she know her plight?
How does she know, without seeing? 
Could it be nerve, could it be might. It seems to boil down to some sort of insight...
If the world ends, who survives?
A lady's mystery is profound and rare. 
The type that captivates lives.

   ~ Written by Lakia Fashae ~


I got bars *****! 😁😂 
Just a lil some, some I wrote on the spot, 
to inspire myself and yous. 😊
Let me get them finger snaps {👏 need an emoji lol}.

 I will catch you on the next post! 💋✌

Photo: GDJ | Pixabay

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