Wednesday, April 13, 2022

🌸Wear That: TFC's 6 Top Spring Picks!

 It's Springtime!! 

Here are 🌸TFC's 6 Top Spring Picks. This is a quick list of my personal recommendations {I am the 🩺fashion doctor HERE!}. Let me prescribe your Spring pieces.

SN: This is not about what's classic or trendy's about that signature something🤔.

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1.  🩳Chic White Denim Shorts
  • Nothing says Spring {or Summer} like white shorts. This season, pick yours super chic! This includes detail cuts, closures and overall décor. 💁🏾‍♀️Remember, white matches everything.

2.  👡Décor Wedges
  • Wedges are somewhat of a slept-on shoe. 📌Go to TFC's Pinterest Board: I LOVE Wedges and see how this shoe has styled over the years. This Spring, try wedges with a little extra décor, not to confuse with prints {just extra bells and whistles😎}

3. 👜 Graphic Slouch Bag
  • TFC made compact bags a thing for a while now. This season take your bag up a few details and all! A slouchy bag is so nonchalant but holds major style appeal. It's not necessarily traditional, but still a classic in its own right. Since the shape is already appealing, let the graphics add that special something. This bag pairs well with shorts!

4.  👕Graphic Racer Back Tee's
  • 💪Get your flex on...arms and back! If you gotta wear a tank top, wear a racer back. This is one of those shirts that looks great on everyone. Pick cool, but simple graphics and have fun with hem cuts!

5.  🥾Ankle Boots
  • I could say flipflops, 🤷🏾‍♀️ but hey why not an ankle boot? It's not super-hot outside just yet. Simple style with chic appeal is the goal...try not to make a☃ winter look.

6. 🧥Asymmetric Cardigan
  • Another nonchalant piece, adding to the small print of your style language. Asymmetric tops are sexy, how about a cardigan? Pick a soft bright color to accent your look. 



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