Monday, April 4, 2022

🛒Shop TFC Network: 🎈Designer's Pick🎈

🎀Here we go!

This is the 🎈Designer's Pick🎈 edition of 
Shop TFC Network

🎈GFDC608-$14.00   🎈RGC602-$12.50 🎈GB605-$16.50 (set of 3) 
🎈The Necklaces-$14.00 {Get 20% OFF}

Every chick should have what I like to 
call "trinkets". Do you like keychains? 
Little pieces that add personality to your 
look or lifestyle. Easy to wear and
 just so darn cute!

Trinkets make great gifts too. 

Shop TFC's items wear well with all ages!

🎈SPC601-$7.50   🎈PCC601-$7.50   🎈MIC601-$7.50   {Get 20% OFF}

How do you say sip on chic?🍹 I just did. 
Shop TFC's coasters are great accents to 
any décor. They are classic in design, also
 promising a long shelf life! Cleaning is 
efficient with a damp cloth.

Aren't they nice to look at?😍

🎈FFM601-$12.50   🎈SC602-$13.00  {Get 20% OFF}

How about a conversation piece? Magnets are 
always fun. They stick to the fridge, lockers, 
office areas, etc. Shop TFC's magnets hold 
unique artistic flare.

 🖼Something like miniature wall art!

🎈Go to:🎈

Each order comes with a FREE Shop TFC 
coaster {limited quantity}. The gift that keeps on giving. 
Also, our thank you notes are collectable cards. 
Collect all 14 and receive an awesome gift! 

Get the Deal: 

Re-Grand Opening 20% OFF ALL Products

(Code: NEW TFC) UNTIL APRIL 9, 2022

FREE SHIPPING on Orders $35+  


With that being said, don't forget to create a 
📛profile on Shop TFC and 🎈SHARE🎈
Let's get personable and connected! 

Plenty perks come a Shop TFCer! 😉😍

SN: I gotta do this post segment as a video!😁

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