Thursday, February 24, 2022

🧵Studio L. Fashae: Talia's Dress

Yupper, it's Sew Time!
I been trying to find the time...😌

  Before the pandemic {2020}, I was working on my daughter's prom dress. 

Fast forward. Talia's a freshman in college😍😊....soooo, she needs a part-ay 💃dress! 

I re-sketched the dress to a more mature look. 
It's a red, strapless dress with a sweat heart neckline
The fabric is satin with a chiffon lining. I never did anything balconnette style
 Still gotta draft ⛶ the pattern, but I got this. What Fun!😅


Been waiting to get back to sewing! 😤 
Well, I sew barbie clothes when I'm too busy.

Anywho, STAY TUNED!!😅😆

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