Wednesday, January 26, 2022

😉You are the Spotlight!

 😎By now, 

You know how I do.

Today the liars are truth tellers and the truth tellers are liars.

How beautiful are you?
The epitome of woman.
Your essence represents the right one.
But hey, what happened?
Is there a lost in translation?
Or did they get the best of a real woman?
Let me remind you,
you are you.
💡That's, the one.
 If not you're done.

I'm not here to bust your bubble or 
force you to be humble, 
 they're watching😎, just waiting to turn you to rubble.

I'm not a threat, I LOVE YOU!

Think for a you own it?
That last moment?
These days it's hard to represent.
We still can do it.

Do you remember who you are?
The one who sets the bar.

They all emulate you, 
the one that's too good to be true.

Her's an idea:
Let's turn hate to something new.

Come oooonnn, I believe in you!

Many came before us, setting the tone.
Call on the ancestors, 
I promise you're not alone.

Wake up love, you're worth more than what's presented.
I  know we hesitated, but it's our time now,
 take that shit.

It's yours no doubt.
Fuk the clout.

Themes and gimmicks only turn you to a relic.
You are IT!...represent.👀

All I know is I'm stepping in, 
 doing my thing.
Not afraid of how I'm portraited😉.
We been through this for decades.

Nothing new, but to be true. 
Stand tall and they will fall.
I love you human. The original.
The Black Woman.

~Written by Lakia Fashae~


I have a responsibility for who I am. 💡


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