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💃🏾She's Gotta Have IT!: 🗨Personal Style {Step-by-Step} #repost

Your personal style is a reflection of your personality.  When it comes to developing is easy, because it is you!  The following steps will be clear on where to start, and how to have the best outcome.

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1. What is your Personality? This is the foundation.  Consider your lifestyle.  For example: if you are a soccer mom, being comfortable is key or college student, affordability is key.  Pick a style that truly fits who you are, then you can build on it.

Whatever style it is, add chic appeal.  Chic is that extra pizzazz!

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2.  Know Your Body. In order to know what to wear, it is important to know your body.  Ladies, our bodies come in beautiful shapes and sizes.  Pick clothing that accentuates your figure.  If you know your body,  you can hit the style jackpot every time.

 "Your body is your canvas, and it is beautiful regardless!" -Lakia Fashae

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3. Find Inspiration.  This step will give you visuals.  Look through catalogs and magazines.  Check out pedestrian style.  Look at how celebs wear their clothes.  Also, keep in mind accessories, hair and makeup.

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4.  Look Through Your Closet.  What does your wardrobe say?  You may see things that are outdated, or things that don't allow your personality to shine...Get rid of them!  Out with the old, and in with the new.

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 5.  Time to Shop!  Here is the fun part.  Dress comfortable, because you will need to try on clothes. Observe the mannequins. Ask sales associates for assistance.  Remember, you are creating your own style (personal style).  Also, while you're in there, go to the makeup counters for tips!

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6.  Put it Together.  Mix and match your old clothes with your new found pieces.  Get those same reference materials, for comparison. Start keeping a journal (or style diary) to record your style evolution.
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7.  Embrace Your New Look.  After putting your look together, make sure you are comfortable.  Is the fit you?  Do you feel sexy?  Does your personal style shine?  Ask yourself these questions.
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8.  Display Your Style.  Time to strut your stuff!  Be confident, because it sells your look.  Golden Rule: Confidence is Key (Style.Confidence.IT!).  You have officially developed your personal styleCongrats, Mission accomplished!

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