Thursday, November 18, 2021

🦿Wear That: Leg Piece

The idea of style is to do I day this 🤔

"Attract my eyes nicely, but stylishly" ~ Lakia Fashae

Yeah, that's IT!


This season I've been combing through the best stylish trends I can bring my audience. I don't do the trendy, trendy

What are we about at TFC??

📢Personal Style!!!😃😎

Ladies, you will have plenty of style-play with leg pieces. Have fun with layering your look, but still keeping it chic!


*leg warmers

In various styles.

Take a look at the runway collections listed above, who inspired this "Wear That".
Let the weather determine the theme and fabric choice. Also, go for a "hella cool vibe"!

Like I said, traditions are not the same, so you are free to take strut-t-t worthy chances.


Photos: Vogue; Runway 360

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