Wednesday, November 10, 2021

😇Thank You God!

 Put the Creator first...

That's what TFC is on.


👄💬 I'm taking a new angle with this fashion blog {🎥🎬Getting ready for YouTube! Getting back to the SPOT light📸!}. 

People are sooooo evil these days. Defeating the devil is not scary, its really a birthright back to the true place. 

You see I pop in and pop out...ya'll see that?

If I could tell you the details of the things encounter behind scenes...fear is not the word. Strength.

This place in time is judgment and I'm honored to have been through mine. I share my experiences and vision because God's work is first. The fantasy world is dying. We {real ppl} taking it back to the essentials.

Let me tell you, ART is the answer. Whatever your beautiful talent is; creating, speaking, performing etc. Tap into it like never before!!! The devil is a a mf.

Constant tactics are being done to keep your soul down, as well as unnecessary obstacles.

This is America. Dreams come true with resilience! Speak truth to power and God is right there to give you bless. 

This post is to encourage your heart and  let you know it's okay to free your mind. You are being mentally attacked from ALLLL angles. Wear that God armor and fight back through your soul. 

"Keep an eye out for the devils 'cause they itchin' to get you" - Tupac, Life of an Outlaw

💡Get on code with God to get your healing...then the world is yours💖

God's plan is REAL. I love ya'll God's children. It's our time again, to rise the frequency. We can still have plenty of fun...thought nobody has to be hurt or killed.

👀YOUR part is needed!⏰ #focus 

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