Wednesday, October 13, 2021

🤔Men Lie, Women Lie...STYLE doesn't Lie.

😎Standing out is the hardest thing in life. 

Who wants to be "awkward" or "least accepted"Unfortunately, when it comes to style...

YOU HAVE NO CHOICE!!! Haahahaaa😆🤭


Looka here, your personal style {hence "personal" equating to individual} is all you truly have when it comes to fashion. We can all wear the same pieces, but your flip~floparoo on that mug makes it uniquely yours. Yup, flip-floparoo.😁💥

👄💬Women, our options are sooooo broad 
in every way fashion provides.

👏🏼Fellas, fellas, fellas...congratulations! Ya'll are no
 longer stuck with the basics. Men's style has evolved tremendously.


📋 Details create the best outfits, including minimalism. Fabric choice, color palette, accessorizing and silhouette are the foundations to any great look.

📷What's your best outfit building skill(s)?

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