Saturday, August 8, 2020

📦Working at the shop...


😀Just a peek!

It's getting closer to the launch of Shop TFC!!

Building an eCommerce can be overwhelming, but worth it. A million pictures still has to be done. I have to create promo pics and finish a lot more stuff...I'll spare you the details 😅. 

Anyhow, no rush. 

Sharing my art is exciting! 

The shop reflects a trinket effect, meaning the little things chicks have {or like} that are staples to her livelihood. 

It's random art that fluctuates around creative flow.

These specific coasters ↴, with the gems, are 🎁gift with purchase.

💌All custom made by yours truly. 

We have so much fashion talk to do👄! 

I cant wait. 😆

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