Thursday, August 13, 2020

😏To Wear or NOT To WEAR...

 What is style these days? Do we wear fashion, or do we wear style? Is the difference clear?

On average, a stylish woman is all about her personal style. She is in-tune with what works for her, as well as open to fashion risks.

Do you shop your own closet? There, style-plays are more plentiful and unique

Swapping pieces with friends is great too!

That Fashion Chick is not the only fashion source, but has inspired many styles. The goal is to have fun with fashion using originality and creativity. Again, referencing personal style {the answer to most fashion questions and dilemmas}.

I am simply saying TFC has developed a formula to create a home-run with style EVERY TIME! It is always refreshing to see a chick dressing in her personal style {fellows I dig your style too}.

Trends and fads are corny because it is a robotic part of fashion, in my humble opinion. Really…anything can be turned into style. Exploring style is extremely exciting! Fashion is broad, more so depicted as what one wears; also paired with lifestyle. Style is how you put it all together.

Above is what TFC is about. The grey area of fashion. Are you catching the vibe?…test your fashion sense. Go to 📌TFC’s Pinterest profile {StyleInspiration HERE📍} and view these fashion/style concepts.

😀Follow up with you on the next one!👄💬 TTYL

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