Monday, August 24, 2020

🖉Personal Style {poem}

Look at that chick with her fashion finesse,

Strolling on through like her style is the best.

Hmm…her style is pretty dope,

I’ll say she can stand among the rest.

You know, the type of styles you do not have to guess.

Check out her technique,

It’s an effortless appeal that caters to her physique.

The silhouette, colors and accessories all in the right place.

Look how she struts with such swag and grace.

It’s not just a look or label,

Oh yeah, that girl got personal style!

~ Written by Lakia Fashae ~


Let me get them *finger snaps*! 😁


Photo: AnnaliseArt | Pixabay 

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KDM said...

Yassss, yassss! Love it!

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