Saturday, February 8, 2020

💖Do You!


I have a story that would blow your mind! The funny thing is everyone does.  Life is about experiences and the action that follows.

If we stay in our comfort zone, what have we really accomplished? 

I've been black balled, outcasted and looked down upon damn near my entire life {greatness brings envy & jealousy, though I believe in teamwork}.  What keeps me going is the know, that I mean something. Looking around and observing those who get attention off meaningless things, further keeps me focused on my personal goals.

Blogging is an outlet that has changed my life for good. Those who understand me will, those who hate me will, and those who love me... will.

Meaning to this post: Do You!

We act like we know how to be ourselves, but actions are very telling. I learned to stand alone and inspire those who appreciate, new perspectives {not just something different}. Success does not happen overnight, especially in a bipolar society.  The best thing to do is stay in your lane and protect your heart & integrity.

Believing in yourself will make your goals come true.

Have an Awesome week!


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