Monday, August 12, 2019

✈Flying with work!

What's up ya'll! 😀

I've been working on a few new pieces for my TFC chick.  

Also, a new set...

The fabric in the picture is muslin {mock fabric for design}.  I'm still deciding the best fabric to use, because these gloves are tricky.

  The fit has to be just right!

I'm  also thinking about making the glove a completely different style {maybe finger-less} with special detailing.


 On another note:

📫Post to Come

  •  Summer Styles
Summer is the current season, so whatchu rockin'?  
Stay tuned for a list of summer items, to inspire your wardrobe!

  • Look of the Day
I'm miss these posts!  It's random, wardrobe inspiration that includes a complete look, based on a mood or occasion {clothing and accessories}.

Taa taa for now. Have an AWESOME day!😚

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