Thursday, August 15, 2019

🌞 9 Summer Styles {2019}

The current season is still, officially summer 
so whatchu rockin?  

I have a list of items to inspire your wardrobe. 
These pieces can be worn individually or paired properly. 
 The idea is to choose items that fit your personal style!

When styling tie dye, think "free, comfortable style!"
This watercolor design has been around for a while.  Tie dye is found throughout all garment types: shirts, pants, shorts, jackets, shoes and accessories.  The style idea is to put your own spin on this classic, giving a refreshed concept to this look.

Self explanatory, right? Simple sandals have minimal detail and/or attractive colors.  The style idea is to translate a style language of effortless appeal {heels or flats}.

Wearing a tea dress makes every chick feel like a lade.
This dress is usually found in dainty prints and flowy fabrics.  The hemline is long or short with stylish sleeves and necklinesTea dresses are versatile and can be worn for most occasions.

Big bags are stylish, but miniature bags are fun!
They incorporate another level of chic.  When picking a miniature bags, think detail: strap, handle, closures, pattern, lining, pockets and shape.  A miniature bags absorbs style, nonchalantly.

This dress gives off a sexy, mystique appeal!
Notice I chose maxi dress.  The length can be calf or ankle - fitted or flaredPick styles that compliment your shape.  Styles with asymmetrical hemlines are appealing.


Everyone looks good in pastels!  
These are cool and soft colors,  for the summer atmosphere.  Pastels add a vibrant vibe to your look, sparking a subtle joy to your mood, and to onlookers.

The straw bag is not a typical style choice.  
It adds class and personality to your look {something different, but thought-out}.  When choosing a stylish straw bag, structure is key {less bulk, the better}.

Slouchy trousers are comfy-chic!
Instead of going for the usual skinny pants or classic denim, try a pair of slouchy trousers.  The fabric should be lightweight and moveableThis style of pants can be worn day and night, depending on shoes and accessories.

Wear round frames with gazing colors!  
Instead of a dark shade or classic lens, try round frames with different colors like red, green, purple, yellow or even orangemake your look standout that much more.

🌞You can read TFC's summer styles of 2018 HERE!  📍

It's your style.

Pablo Buffer

***I worked on this post for 2hrs and the editing is being crappy.  Things that make you go hmmmm...

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