Wednesday, May 22, 2019

💡That Fashion Life: It's real and they lost...{my soul}

Hey Ya'll! 
I hope you are having an awesome, just fabulous day! 😀
You need to be aware of some "dangerous" people out here.  They will TRY and intimidate you if you don't fall in line like a good little sheep...THEY THINK Y'ALL ARE STUDPID!

If I get down with them,they WILL kill me.  Sooooo, I'm independent.  You have the choice to live ONLY if you are not scared.  
With all this being said, they are not allowing my videos to upload or really trying to make me run through hoops {tring to annoy me so they can witchcraft me}.

If this sounds is.  You ain't make it until you got these ppl on your ass, scared.

I will not be on social media if that keeps my sanity, because that is actually the crazy place where they reinforce their mind control.

I can never say too much because that's what makes you free.  Being quiet keeps you sleep and spiritually dead, with no help from the ancestors.  I need my ancestors so it's cool. 
Peace of mind is everything!  I will still rise...DUUUHH! lol 😁

This blog has no problem turning to: TFC vs The Lames (Illuminati) 😊

Welcome to my world *muahhh aahh haaha haaa haaaaaaaa*!
because they are using cyber attack through their platform instagram my main account would not upload my video from hours ago. 
Watch it on:

I'm not going anywhere, I will go harder against ANY body trying to stop my destiny. 😜💡

 ***************UPDATE: My video is up now! (believe in yourself)

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